The information technology-enabled services is a sister branch of IT industry. It is one of the largest industries in India with around 33-50% employees of total workforce working in this industry. It includes a wide range of information technology operations to improve the effectiveness of the organization. India has a huge market for ITES, as there is an availability of cheaper and talented workforce. The tech giants do not go for the developed nations for these services, as it will not be cost effective for them. Several ITES staffing services in India provide different candidates for this rapidly growing industry. Even though there is an abundance of the workforce in this industry, it demands something more than that.

Industry Needs

  • Many candidates are graduates and lack a thorough knowledge of the industry requirements.
  • Many candidates lack good communication skill and soft skills.
  • There is quantity over quality.
  • The ITES staffing companies need to provide industry ready candidates who are familiar with industry skills.
  • Today, the ITES companies are looking for tech-savvy as well as multi-skilled people.

The Solution

  • The solution is Talensetu. Talensetu has correctly recognized the real problem in ITES industry and has started working on it.
  • We at Talensetu run an orientation program for the candidates which are selected by our clients. The candidates attend this program which is specifically designed for the undergraduates/graduates/pass outs/students if the client expresses the requirement for it.
  • This orientation program is designed for keeping in mind the industry requirements. We know what the industries demand and we try to fulfill it with our rigorous efforts.
  • In orientation program, we try to provide our candidates all the necessary skills required for the industry.
  • It is not just about technical skills. We take care of their communication skills, soft skills so that when they step into the market they will be ready to press the ‘GO’ button.
  • We understand the scope and growing demands of ITES industry. We are aware of the diverse needs of companies including workforce and payroll management.
  • Though every company can handle their payroll efficiently, if they outsource it to an experienced company, they save on time and money. The client can focus on their core business development. The activities like accounts, inventory, and calculations of tax require experience and vetted workforce. We provide payroll management service for all sorts companies.
  • The tasks regarding the taxes are quite difficult. We make sure that after our efforts you do not need to take a second look at these matters.
  • Other tasks like the keeping salary records, leaves, payable days, employee state insurance (ESI) require significant workforce and experience. Talensetu manages all these things so that you can focus on the growth of your business.
  • We always try to deliver best for our clients whether if it is staffing or payroll management. With our agency offices in Pune , Mumbai & Bengaluru, we offer faster services to our clients spread across various states.
ITES industry is growing fast. It has huge potential and bright future. India has proved to be a promising destination for this industry. And Talensetu will help this industry only go further.