Information Technology-enabled Services (ITES)

Till a couple of years before, India was popularly known as the ‘back-office hub of the world’, with a 46% share of the global offshore outsourcing market for software and back-office services. The Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS) sector’s growth led us to this identity and create a spot on the global map. ITeS sector is an integral part of the IT industry in India. It goes hand-in-hand with the Information Technology (IT) and software services sector in every aspect.

Within the Indian IT/ITES industry, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the second largest sector. ITeS-Business Process Outsourcing (ITES-BPO) covers services and operations involving IT services used for improving efficiency of an organization. It includes services viz.:

  • Customer Interaction Services like telemarketing, helpdesk, customer support etc.
  • Financing & Accounting
  • HR Services
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Services
  • Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

ITES-BPO industry offers a wide range of career options including opportunities in call centres, medical transcription, medical billing and coding, back office operations, revenue claims processing, legal databases, content development, payrolls, logistics management, GIS (Geographical Information System), HR services, web services etc.

ITeS BPO Staffing

With the decade long spurt in e-commerce companies, remote location-based customer service is now a need for businesses rather than a value-added service. Hence, demand for such talent, skilled professionals has peaked in metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore Hyderabad, etc.

India’s ITeS industry still holds a cost advantage as compared to other countries. Indian BPO sector employs around 7 lakh people in about 25 countries. India itself has 1200 companies spread across Tier-I, II and III cities. ITES staffing agencies in India like Talensetu provide skilled professionals to these companies. Talensetu – best staffing solutions provider – offers you innovative and customized ITeS Staffing and BPO Recruitment solutions.

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Industry Needs

  • Candidates with good communication and soft skills.
  • Hassle-free temporary or contract staffing process.
  • Skilled professionals who understand technology and related processes.
  • Lower attrition rates .

Talensetu Staffing Solutions

  • Talensetu – your staffing partner – has offices and teams at Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru.
  • Reach, scale and expertise at important locations near your company / office helps us offer you the best talent available from top institutes, organizations and companies across India.
  • Talensetu has unique, customized and innovative staffing solutions for ITeS and BPO industry.
  • We have designed special orientation programs for selected candidates to help them acquire the right skills and knowledge for candidates.
  • Orientation program enhances the communication and technical skills of the potential candidates.
  • Talensetu has huge database of skilled and competent candidates, trainers and managers who can help build positive image of your business.
  • We identify the skill-gap and provide good talent for your business.
  • We also help selected candidates to understand the MNC culture and expectations to be fulfilled.
  • All procedural formalities mandated by multinational companies are fulfilled in time by team Talensetu.
  • Talensetu also offers various other services like recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and payroll management. Payroll management services includes accounts, salaries, payments, reimbursements, provident fund, employee state insurance (ESI), labour welfare fund, employee issues, compliances, tax filings and returns etc.

Did You Know:

  • India is one of the largest producers of English-speaking graduates, including engineers and management graduates.
  • Domestic revenue from ITeS-BPO stood at $4 billion during the fiscal year 2018.
  • Indian BPO sector has been growing at more than 35 per cent.
  • India has second lowest ITes-BPO salary base of about US $ 7,500 – US $ 8,500.
  • As many as 400 of the Fortune 500 companies either have their own centres in India or are currently outsourcing work to Indian technology companies.