Contract Staffing

If someone tells you that you can scale your workforce as per your business needs sans hassles of on-boarding or off-boarding staff, lower training costs, meet peak load needs, eliminate legal risks, etc., would you opt for it? Most of the businesses nowadays are saying YES to it. Contract Staffing and Flexi Staffing is the new buzz word in Indian markets.

Contract staffing helps employers to hire people for short duration projects for a small period of time based on the contract and release them. It is helpful both for the employers and employees. Employers save on the money and manpower as they are using a leased employee, while for the employees they can take-up challenging opportunities and can help them to get on the top posts.

Advantages of Contract Staffing

  • Workforce-on-request
  • Lower staffing costs
  • Easy availability of diverse talent
  • Evaluate contract staff’s work and if required hire them as permanent staff

Talensetu Services, a Pune-based company specialised in providing temporary staffing solutions, is catering to these exact needs of the businesses. Talensetu takes care of candidates, processes and legalities attached to them while you can focus more on the core business functions. We facilitate the entire process of hiring, on-boarding, documentation, pay-rolling and exits of the candidates.

With Talensetu on-board, you need not worry about

  • Labour laws
  • Employment laws
  • Compliance related laws
  • Legal risks and costs associated with it
  • Talent Hunting

By using our contract staffing services you can upscale or ramp down the project by providing rightful consultants in a short span of time. Average time period of hiring is anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. A recent survey conducted on temporary staffing and contract staffing by companies revealed that almost 50% of companies engaged temporary staff or contract staff for an average hiring time period of 6 months to 1 year, while 25% companies did it for a period of 0-6 months. Rest of the companies had an average hiring time period of more than a year.

Talensetu – Your Staffing Consultant and Partner

  • Always ready-to-deliver service
  • Rich in local market insights
  • Enormous industry and/or domain experience
  • Diverse talent pool readily available
  • Adheres to all statutory compliances
  • Provides proper document verification of candidates

So if you are from Healthcare, Hospitality, IT/ITES, Retail, Banking or any other sector, just tell us details about the project, qualification and experience required and duration of employment for the candidate and we will bring the entire talent pool at your doorsteps.