Retail Associate

A retail associate or customer service assistant is the primary point of contact and ‘face’ for any business and industry. A good retail associate or customer service assistant answers all customer enquiries effectively or passes them on to the appropriate department. This job role requires best talent as they help make a positive customer experience.

Industry Requirement

  • Candidates who can give information and help solve customer problems.
  • Candidates who are techno-savvy and who can process payments and complaints as well.
  • Candidates with special skills like database handling.
  • Industry is in constant search of candidates possessing good behavioural skills like attentiveness, patience, numeracy etc.

Talensetu Offering

  • Talensetu offers permanent and temporary customer service assistant job experienced candidates across India.
  • We have a huge pan-India database of skilled and professional candidates.
  • Talensetu will screen candidates for critical skill sets like time management, good communication and behavioural skills, IT skills, ability of ‘reading’ customers, etc.
  • Talensetu also offers payroll management services. Issues such as provident fund, employee state insurance (ESI), Labour Welfare Fund are taken care by Team Talensetu.
  • Talensetu can provide candidates with proficient computer and technology skills.
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