Providing Ease of Manpower Supply

Hiring the right talent is like winning a war. Companies and human resource specialists are fighting this ‘war’ every day and using many manpower supply ‘weapons’ like contract labour and flexi-staffing in their strategy. Winning this war is not limited to getting skilled labour or employees but to engage them effectively by fulfilling all mandatory and legal compliances in due time. It is here that staffing agencies come in handy to make sourcing of manpower and legal compliance procedures easy.

With companies globally laying critical emphasis on their HR management and recruiting team, the general staffing or third party staffing and contract hiring are the fastest catching up trends owing to its flexibility. According to a report by Indian Staffing Federation, India’s general staffing trend.

Importance of Cleanliness & Hygiene at Retail Store

Though brick & mortar retail seems to be on the decline after e-commerce revolution, many people are averse to the idea of buying products without the touch-and-feel experience of the product. With availability of too many choices for consumers, retailers have to make sure people choose their brand again & again. Besides quality of the products, factor that influence the footfall at any retail store is cleanliness and hygiene.

The 2018 Retail Sector report, titled “The Convergence Continuum” found that more than 70% of the people still prefer to buy things at physical stores or shopping malls. People go to retail store to buy things they are going to use every day. They want to shop in a clean, well-lighted store. It gives them assurance that purchased merchandise is also clean and of good quality.

“Right Swipe” for Talent

“Job Recruiting is like Dating and Retention is like Marriage,” they say. But, gone are the days when you flip through newspaper ads for finding a life partner. In today’s world, what do millennial do to find a mate of their choice? They just “right swipe” on a Tinder profile of their choice. But, what do they do to find a dream job of their choice? And where do they meet their prospective employers or recruiters? Answer seems obvious – on LinkedIn or some job portal.....

"Future of Recruitment"

You seldom find a sphere where technology hasn’t left its footprints. Recruitment industry is no longer exception to this.

Conventional recruitment processes involved declaring vacancies, application scrutiny, short listing the suitable candidates for the interview and final appointment of the capable candidates. The technological advancements have undoubtedly improved the efficiency of recruitment process. For example, few years ago newspaper was the only source for information about job vacancies. Now, telephone, internet and social media has reduced the gap between recruiters and job seekers.......

"Choose right staffing agency"

Be it an international conglomerate or a neophyte firm, the success of a business is determined by the quality and productivity of workforce it retains. In their quest for exploring newer markets, most of the national and international brands are strategizing to expand their workforce to realize opportunities conferred upon by the new markets.

Technology and evolving market conditions have also induced rapid transformation across all industries, compelling them to optimize workforce to stay ahead in the race. Nowadays, most companies are turning to staffing and recruitment firms to source the best industry talent for their business. Staffing firms help organizations to successfully navigate incoming changes by predicting and meeting their talent demands.....