IT Staffing Services

The information technology industry is rapidly growing. Day by day new technology takes over the old one creating different positions like analysts, mobile app developers, network and system analysts, technical support, web developer and so on in the IT industry where skilled employees are required. This industry is changing swiftly. The skilled employees are essential and finding capable candidates in this industry can be a tricky job. With the help of the IT staffing Agency, companies can avail candidates who are eligible for those job profiles and also industry-ready. Here, in Talensetu we nurture the talent. We are here to provide the trained IT professionals who are skillful and have a brief knowledge of this industry.

Our Technology Rack

  • E-Commerce / Internet /Java/J2ee Technologies
  • Programming Languages & Application Tools
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Dataware housing Tools
  • Technical Writer
  • Networking & System Administrators
  • Technical Support
  • Object-Oriented Development
  • Database Administrators
  • Graphic Design
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Mainframe Technologies
  • ERP Tools
  • SAP Technologies
  • JD Edwards
  • Cloud Computing

How Does It Work

  • The IT industry feels the shortage of trained IT professionals today. Different organizations around the world are working to find a formidable solution to it.
  • The candidates which IT staffing companies select are based on what a particular candidate has done. He may or may not be industry-ready.
  • The job profiles like web developers, mobile app developer, network and system analyst require skilled programmers. We provide you the fresh talents chosen through our selected resources.
  • The candidates chosen by the client go through our orientation program if the client wants. We have designed this program, especially for the students/graduates/undergraduates/pass outs so that we can find a solution for the evolving requirements of this industry.
  • In this program, we try to provide all the necessary skills to the candidates who are required for the IT industry.
  • We have our IT Staffing agency offices in Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, which ensures the candidates, are procured from top colleges and institutes.
  • Our IT staffing services select candidates from the various parts of the country and try to bring the best to the client.
  • There is another part of the IT industry that needs to be considered; namely payroll management.
  • With the concept of outsourcing, many small or medium-sized companies prefer to focus their main workforce on the core offering and outsource the other activities to experienced agencies.
  • The management of the payroll can be time-consuming. However, the experienced team at Talensetu makes it easy for you.
  • The payroll includes several activities such as accounts, salaries, payments, employee issues, compliances and so on. Talensetu manages your payroll activities so that you can look forward to developing your business further.
  • Payroll management includes some tedious work related to taxes. Surely you don’t want to invest your time in that. Talensetu is here to take care of that.
  • Our efficient system and a well-trained team make sure that you don’t need to get involved in tax calculations. We take care of the professional taxes of the employees, income tax returns, e-filing of income tax, etc.
  • Payroll management includes work related to employee reimbursement. The owner will have to deal with issues such as Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance (ESI), Labor Welfare Fund. Talensetu takes care of all these issues so that your employees will get the benefits when the time comes.
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