Welding Engineer

Location :

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Experience :

(specify the domain and the number of years) Experience in manufacturing company of pressure vessel, heat exchanger, tube sheet heat exchanger, good knowledge with ASME.

8 and above Years in QA/QC Activity in manufacturing company of pressure vessel and heat exchanger /Welding Engineer.


SAR 8000 to SAR 9000 / month


(specify the area of expertise, if necessary) Mechanical Engineering / Metallurgy Engineer AWS/CSWIP

    • ISO Internal Auditor Training
    • Strong knowledge with ASME codes
    • MS word
    • MS Excel

Food Allowance:


Accommodation & Transportation:

Provided by Company

Medical Insurance:

Provided by company

Client Description :

  • Our client is a leading manufacturer of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanger, Storage Tanks, etc.

Job Description:

  • Role and Responsibilities:
    • Preparation and development of Welding Procedures
    • Qualifying new WPS and PQRs
    • Qualifying Welders and welding operators
    • Calibration of Welding machines/Electrodes and flux baking oven
    • Preparation, Submission and approval of WPS, PQR, Weld Maps etc.
    • Maintaining continuity of welders
    • Responsible for Preparation of WPS, PQR, Repair procedure submission and approval from Client and TPI
    • Responsible for development of new Welding procedure
    • Responsible for maintaining continuity of welders
    • To Ensure that correct welding procedures are followed
    • To give solutions to welding related problems like repair etc.
    • To prepare weld maps and issue to shop for welding
    • To ensure that ovens are calibrated
    • To ensure that the electrodes and consumables are properly baked , maintained and issued from the stores
    • To ensure that proper preheating and correct parameters are being followed during the welding process
    • To disqualify welders who are producing defective welds continuously
    • Maintain qualified welder list
    • Responsible for calibration of welding machines
    • Responsible for estimation or welding consumables and giving technical information to stores for raising the PR
    • Inspection of incoming Welding consumables giving clearance
    • Weld monitoring
    • Responsible for preparation of Impact test coupons where required
    • Responsible for issuing consolidated welder list to production on monthly basis
    • Responsible for maintaining incoming welding consumable inspection Report
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