Sales Manager

Location :


Experience :

8+ years


Rs.1.25 lakhs / month


Any Degree

Client Description :

  • A japan based medium sized company manufacturing engineering components.

Job Description:

  • Role and Responsibilities
    • Their Sales products are mainly Gland packing and gasket.
    • Products are used in all markets, but Mechanical Seal covers a wide range of products such as pumps, agitators, and compressors used in petrochemical petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, water-related equipment, ships, and automobile production lines.
    • Gland Packing / Gasket is used by valve manufacturers in the same market as the mechanical seal market, and is mainly used for valves, pumps and agitators.
    • Pilaflon is marketed by semiconductor, civil engineering, and other general industrial users and is used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, seismic isolation equipment, and sealing parts of equipment.
    • Sales destinations are OEMs, trading companies and distributors.
    • There is direct sales too, depending on the situation.
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