Project Manager

Location :

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Computer skills

Scheduling software (Microsoft Project and/or Primavera)

MS Office, word, excel, Power point, Spread sheets.

Experience :

10 Years




BSc / B.E , PMP /Strong knowledge with ASME codes

Client Description :

  • Our client is a leading manufacturer of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanger, Storage Tanks, etc.

Job Description:

  • Job Purpose
    • Managing the awarded projects from the time the customer issues the purchase order till the delivery of the product to customer, ensuring timely delivery of a quality product within budget.
    • Structure the project execution and deliverables based on the contractual milestones.
    • Supervise the execution at all stages, ensuring acceptable quality and timely performance.
    • Identify, manage and mitigate project risks.
    • Communicate and cooperate closely with the client & PMG (Project Management Group).
    • Secure the timely delivery of all documents and equipment.
    • Secure the timely receipt of all payments from the client.
    • Meet or, if possible, improve the project budget.
    • Identify, track, manage and resolve project issues.
    • Proactively manage scope with the client to ensure that only what was contracted is delivered unless changes are approved by client through scope variation orders.
    • Monitor the cost of (materials & labour) in company system “EasyPro”.
    • Apply for variation orders for all scope changes and ensure the corresponding variation orders are received and accepted.
    • Protect company interests at all times.
    • Make the “Closure of the project” for major projects after delivery.
    • Make the “Lesson learned” for major projects after delivery.
    • Get feedback from Customers thru the “Customer Satisfaction Survey” Form and analyze the same.
  • Responsibilities and Accountabilities
    • To have a full control and coordination with the PMG (Project Management Group).
    • Review of customer PO / Contract to ensure that:
    • PO matches agreements made during estimation phase and company policy aspects.
    • Required delivery time is reasonable and achievable.
    • All background history formed during estimation phase is well known.
    • Conducting along with the estimation engineer & PMG the kick-off meeting to ensure every department knows its role and the required time of completion of its specific role.
    • Monitoring and controlling resources to accomplish projects within budget and on time.
    • Monitoring the materials procurement phase to ensure timely delivery of materials within budget.
    • Monitoring factory progress in the manufacturing phase to ensure that the schedule is maintained and that registered man hours are within budget.
    • Handling all customer related correspondences.
    • Taking necessary actions towards any anticipated deviations.
  • Measurement / Key Performance Indicators
    • Meet Project Milestones as defined by the client in the Purchase Order
    • Weekly project review showing improvement plan.
    • Focus on Project control (Cost – Material availability).
    • Project Forecast Cost cutting follow up + mitigation in case of deviation in project area.
    • Project forecast VS Target budget.
    • Root cause analysis for major deviation in term of QCD.
    • Mitigation plan proposal through risk & opportunity assessment.
    • Weekly project review implemented in efficient way & MOM from customer visit with clear action (What-who-when).
    • Inspire PMG to find solution by themselves and support them to do things.
    • o Fix target and follow it up on daily basis.
  • Position Requirements – Experience, Competencies
    • The Project Manager shall:
    • Have a minimum 5 years of experience in the field of fabrication of pressure vessels, Boilers parts, tanks, piping and steel fabrication.
    • Have a Good communication skills
    • Have a Good company representation
    • Good reporting capabilities
    • Have a Leadership
    • Be a Team Player
    • Have the ability to work under high stress
    • Have the capacity to stay organized and have clear vision under extreme conditions (Crisis Management)
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