“Right Swipe” for Talent

“Right Swipe” for Talent

“Job Recruiting is like Dating and Retention is like Marriage,” they say. But, gone are the days when you flip through newspaper ads for finding a life partner. In today’s world, what do millennial do to find a mate of their choice? They just “right swipe” on a Tinder profile of their choice. But, what do they do to find a dream job of their choice? And where do they meet their prospective employers or recruiters? Answer seems obvious – on LinkedIn or some job portal. Now, the million dollar question arising out of this situation is that, Can recruiters, talent acquisition heads, staffing companies in Pune, Mumbai make this “Tinder approach” work while searching a candidate on social or professional networks? What are they looking in people as an ideal candidate? What are the latest trends and techniques adopted by recruiters? We try to get an insight into it in this blog. LinkedIn released a report on the “Global Recruiting Trends 2018” recently. According to them (i) Diversity, (ii) New interviewing techniques, (iii) Data and (iv) Artificial Intelligence are the top trends shaping the future of recruiting and hiring. According to the report, although recruiters are giving importance to these factors, the adoption percentage of the four key trends is far less in countries like India.

1. Diversity/Social Inclusivity - Days before the Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality by partially striking down section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, The LaLiT Suri Hospitality group became India’s first hotel chain to include LGBTQ employees in healthcare benefits. Executive Director of the LaLiT Group, Keshav Suri, who has been a passionate advocate of LGBTQ Rights, represents the business establishments who are valuing diversity and social inclusion in recruitment.

2. New interviewing techniques - Well, most of the candidates do google for questions like “most interesting questions asked during an interview” before landing up at the interviewer. But let’s face it that recruiters might get less interested in “facing up with candidates” mode of assessment. As per the LinkedIn report, traditional format of structured interviews is still relevant, however hiring managers are keen on a virtual demonstration of candidate’s skill-sets. Online soft-skills assessment, virtual reality skill tests are being seen as the new age interviewing techniques.

3. Data - “Data is the new oil” said none other than the Mukesh Ambani while he was launching Reliance Jio. Its quite true because even recruiters nowadays are relying more on data for talent acquisition. Data enabled many companies to access and harness passive talent in cross-sectors and the decision making is also expedited, says the LinkedIn report.

4. Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence has not only disrupted automation jobs, but hiring and talent acquisition jobs too. Sourcing, screening and nurturing a candidate will have the highest impact from AI. 67% of recruiters and hiring managers who were surveyed by LinkedIn have mentioned that AI saves time and 43% of them believe AI removes human bias.