Choose right staffing agency

Be it an international conglomerate or a neophyte firm, the success of a business is determined by the quality and productivity of workforce it retains. In their quest for exploring newer markets, most of the national and international brands are strategizing to expand their workforce to realize opportunities conferred upon by the new markets.

Technology and evolving market conditions have also induced rapid transformation across all industries, compelling them to optimize workforce to stay ahead in the race. Nowadays, most companies are turning to staffing and recruitment firms to source the best industry talent for their business. Staffing firms help organizations to successfully navigate incoming changes by predicting and meeting their talent demands.

Staffing agencies act as extension of your Human Resources (HR) Department. They represent your company to candidates. Hence, make sure you work with the firm which follows the best professional practices and it has the caliber to deliver your expected output.

Here are some thumb rules while choosing a staffing agency:

1. What’s your business need?

Before thinking of engaging with any staffing company, first ask a few questions to yourself. Ask questions about your company’s existing staffing position and its future needs. What are you exactly looking for? Will it solve your staffing problems temporarily or permanently? Is engaging with a staffing service provider going to provide any relief? Do you want your workforce to be scalable? Once your answer these questions go ahead for the next round of research.

2. Research & Re-Search!

Finding a good staffing agency is not an easy job. If you are engaging with staffing agencies for the first time, SHOP around! You’ll come across various recruitment and staffing firms, however there are only a handful of agencies who can perfectly cater your needs. Shortlist the potential staffing service providers. If you are looking to replace your existing service provider firm with another, then you need to re-search. References may be helpful, but researching for the best is the most useful way.

3. Profile Assessment

After shortlisting potentially better staffing companies, the first step one would be doing is to review website of those companies. Read about the services offered, the company history and team member profiles. Also find some time to read online reviews posted by the company’s clients. Every company is bound to have a few ‘negative’ reviews due to various reasons, however pay close attention to the genuine ones. Also evaluate the firm’s social media presence. Some companies may or may not list their clienteles (depending on non-disclosure agreements, other legal clauses, etc), but do run a check or ask about client service history to their representatives during your face-to-face interaction.

4. Market Experience

There are numerous staffing agencies which specialize in variety of recruitment services. Some may be good in temporary or permanent staffing while others may be good at payroll services and labour contract services. There are only a few like Talensetu Services, India’s leading staffing solutions provider, who are undoubtedly best in providing all kinds of staffing solutions including contract staffing, contract-to-hire staffing, temporary and permanent staffing, recruitment process outsourcing, payroll services and manpower recruitment (labour contract) services.

5. Temp-To-Hire Ratio

Temporary-to-hire ratio is the quintessential factor while evaluating any staffing firm’s profile. A survey by Deloitte says, 43% of the millennial all over the world plan to leave their current jobs in just two years. So it is better to get an idea of how often employers retain the candidates provided by the staffing firm on temporary basis.

6. Recruitment Techniques

Candidates are the only and most important treasure of any staffing agency. Know what techniques are used by the firm to source the best of active and passive talent for you from the industry. In addition to skills testing and recruitment, check how the firm conducts background checks of the candidates? Also find out if the company holds any database of the candidates from various educational and professional backgrounds. How valuable is this database for your company? Know if the firm provides any additional services in the same package or it costs more for extra services.

Legacy, experience and knowledge are some important factors to evaluate the ability of the firm. Find out how thoroughly it understands the contemporary needs of the industry and your company in particular? How deep its talent network is? The answers of all these questions shall help you take an informed decision.


  • The next big shift in recruitment is the ability to maintain consistent engagement and relationship with candidates, rather than sourcing candidates based on requisitions.
  • According to KPMG India's Annual Compensation Trends Survey 2017-2018, the average annual voluntary attrition rate across different sectors is 13.4%.
  • The scenario poses challenge for employers to leverage proactive strategies in order to find the right talent and consistently engage it with the organization. The businesses across industries thrive when there are right people for the right job.