Importance of Cleanliness & Hygiene at Retail Store

Cleanliness & Hygiene at Retail Store

Though brick & mortar retail seems to be on the decline after e-commerce revolution, many people are averse to the idea of buying products without the touch-and-feel experience of the product. With availability of too many choices for consumers, retailers have to make sure people choose their brand again & again. Besides quality of the products, factor that influence the footfall at any retail store is cleanliness and hygiene.

The 2018 Retail Sector report, titled “The Convergence Continuum” found that more than 70% of the people still prefer to buy things at physical stores or shopping malls. People go to retail store to buy things they are going to use every day. They want to shop in a clean, well-lighted store. It gives them assurance that purchased merchandise is also clean and of good quality.

Retail Businesses have to maintain hygiene and safety by practicing housekeeping and guarding against any mishaps occurring due to the negligence of a personnel working in retail store, anti-social elements,

and even natural calamities. According to a survey conducted by ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, 95 percent of shoppers said unclean restrooms and unpleasant odors would influence their shopping decision. Dirty floors, spills or stains, dirty shopping carts and other factors also count. Keeping these factors in mind, retail establishments need to source their manpower from a reliable staffing agency. Talensetu can provide such unique, customized and innovative staffing solutions to retail sector establishments in the least possible turn-around-time. To know more about Talensetu, please visit

Factors directly affecting customer decisions

1) First Impression - Clean & inviting entrance of a store creates a positive first impression on customers. The front doors should be glittering! Glass door should be free of fingerprints. Neatly maintained name board & logo at the entrance, litter-free security check-points along with clean brightly lit parking create a greater perception of customers.

2) Ease of shopping - Overstocking of merchandise can be overwhelming to the customer and they can ‘assume’ a store is messy merely because of the volume of merchandise. It should be easy to move around in the store. Make certain that there is enough space for a stroller or wheelchair should easily move around the store.

3) Store Ambience - Customers make an assumption of whether a store is clean based on what they smell, see, hear and touch. A dusty hand-railing or a noisy lift door is not accepted by the customers. Employees at retail store shouldn’t leave merchandise or other items in walkways, corridors, on the sales floor, in the stockrooms or anywhere else where it will cause obstruction.

4) Shoulders to Knees - Psychology says that, Customers notice majority of ‘merchandising’ between their shoulders and knees. Shelves/display in this area should always kept clean.

5) Behind the scenes - Trial rooms at stores have to be spotless and litter free. Most of a customer's buying decision happens in a trial room.

6) Washrooms - Washrooms at retail store also need utmost care. Customers can use the washroom anytime. Washrooms for staff should also be clean as it keeps their motivation level high and maintain hygiene standards.

7) Check-out area - The most important area of the store, no matter what kind, is the place you exchange the customer’s money for something they value, your merchandise.